Theme Magazine

Theme covers global contemporary arts and lifestyle. Each issue champions a theme — a collection of stories that provide a coherent lens on a topic.

Theme Magazine needed a complete overhaul. While their leading content was thriving, the editorial team was wrestling with a publishing platform. And their website constraints confined what they could publish week to week.

Theme wireframe, snapshot

Early wireframe ideas for making themes more prominant

Theme wireframe, full

I created a new site structure that both championed their “themes” in a clearer way, and paved the groundwork for a better foundation.

Theme homepage

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  • W.W.Norton & Company
  • Eye Magazine
  • Theme Magazine
  • Maryland Institute of College Art

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Danzico is part designer, part educator, and full-time dog owner. She traces the roots of her craft back to her parents. According to Liz, "Growing up at least a little information architect gave me an organizational advantage over my friends.” More