TED Wish: Charter for Compassion

The Charter for Compassion is the result of Karen Armstrong’s 2008 TED Prize wish. It is a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life. I had the honor of working in partnership with a team (WORKSHOP, Neil Redding, independent consultant, Easy! Designs, and TED) to create storyboards and wireframes with the intention of inspiring and engaging compassionate action and evidence from a global audience for Karen Armstrongʼs wish.

This project sought an interaction designer to create storyboards and wireframes that demonstrated the opportunity for people experience the soon-to-launch website for the site and a series of in-person and simulcast events.

Overall concept map for two launches

The approach began with a concept map and a set of storyboards that demonstrated the overall narrative and interactivity of the relationships, while communicating the primary flow to the design team. There were two launches, so we started at the center of the issue: the connection between action, evidence, and inspiration, mapping out the relationships among the activities at each launch point.

Center of the action and events hub

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  • W.W.Norton & Company
  • Eye Magazine
  • Theme Magazine
  • Maryland Institute of College Art

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