MICA, Maryland Institute for College Art

MICA has become the leader in the education of artists and designers by fostering a community of talented, creative individuals committed to redefining the boundaries of art and design and to expanding their own vision and perspective through rigorous study.

MICA asked Happy Cog to conduct usability testing in advance of a website redesign. Testing took place in the usability lab at the University of Baltimore over the course of two days. MICA recruited participants who represented a blend of audience segments.

Each audience segment was asked to perform a series of tasks using a clickable prototype. The prototype included a series of designs that matched the tasks participants were asked to perform. The lab captured video and eyetracking data for all participants, and while that information is not included here, it is available for review.

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Danzico is part designer, part educator, and full-time dog owner. She traces the roots of her craft back to her parents. According to Liz, "Growing up at least a little information architect gave me an organizational advantage over my friends.” More