Daylife collects huge amounts of the web’s content, analyzes and parses it, and produces data to be reused in an infinite number of ways by any publisher.

Over the course of a month, I observed individuals for a research project. While the results were used to inform the user experience of their website in the short-term, the larger goal was to understand how humans consume news and information to inform the company’s products and services going forward.

I conducted the study with 12 individuals in homes and offices across different modes. Being able to see a person use their own tools, from the mundane to the complex, in their own envirnoment revealed behaviors that led to new requirements for distributing news and in turn new definitions about what news is. No matter what the channel, one trait was consistent: readers were aggregating, requiring news and information when, where, and how they wanted it. Results of the observations were charted to examine patterns across participants.

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  • W.W.Norton & Company
  • Eye Magazine
  • Theme Magazine
  • Maryland Institute of College Art

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Danzico is part designer, part educator, and full-time dog owner. She traces the roots of her craft back to her parents. According to Liz, "Growing up at least a little information architect gave me an organizational advantage over my friends.” More