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See no boundaries

To create patterns is natural. In fact, not only as designers, but also as humans, we make sense of a wild environment by taking haphazard shapes and concepts and giving them form and meaning. ...

The Art of Discovering: An Interview with Scott Berkun

We all know the story: Isaac Newton discovered gravity—one of the more important innovations in all of history—because of a chance encounter with an apple tree. We know this, and many stories like it, because it inspires us. ...

The Moment of Zen: The Daily Show and Product Development

What does The Daily Show have to do with a product development process? You'd be surprised. Danzico airs how a show for cable and product development have certain traits in common. ...

Designing for everyware: An interview with Adam Greenfield

Ubiquitous computing—computing systems that are everywhere around us—are becoming increasingly part of our everyday. ...

Designing for Interaction: An Interview with Dan Saffer

If you’ve been delighted by your iPod, intrigued with your TiVo, or frustrated by your mobile phone, then you have encountered the work of an interaction designer. And an interaction designer, most likely, has crafted the experience we have with many of the products and services we encounter every day. ...

Playing for a Living: An Interview with Luke Hohmann

Think back to the school gym, the backyard, the rec room or the playground—hours devoted to hide-and-seek, flashlight tag, Lite-Brite, The Game of Life, Shrinky Dinks and Big Wheel. ...


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