Chance City Encounters

Apr 23, 2010

Create an interactive product or service that will inspire serendipity for you and your neighbors in the city of Providence. This is your call to seek out and invite the unknown, the unplanned, the unseen. Imagine ways to craft interactions so that you can intentionally influence new opportunities for discovery and creativity. In a culture steeped in exact queries, specific interactions, precise retrieval, and masterful customization, imagine how your community could be made better through chance encounters.


Your goal is to be practical in application yet novel in idea, useful yet delightful, usable yet unparalleled, serendipitous yet approachable. The product and service must be designed for an audience, and framing the topic should be considered with audience in mind.

Throughout the weekend, keep evidence of your studies and observations — photos, videos, and notes — as you’ll be presenting them in spot crits over the course of the two days. On Sunday, you’ll present your final product or service, but touch on the process journey you took to get there.

Download brief

Saturday Walking Crits: 9:30AM-5PM

Be prepared to give an update on your idea, showing evidence toward the final outcome. While we’ll not be in the studio, don’t let that deter you from bringing sketches or prototypes in progress of your work. The location itself is intended to supplement the work we’re doing.

Sunday Presentations: Commencing 11AM


  1. What is your central focus and why: Place, People, or Object?
  2. How did you discover serendipity?
  3. Who is the audience? While it may be the people of Providence, demonstrate the people you’re designing for by showing photos, videos, or evidence of your process.
  4. Ground your presentation in a narrative or a scenario.
  5. Present your evidence — both the physical and digital components.


  • 10-15 minutes for presentations
  • 10 minutes for discussion

Presentation Order

  1. Eliza, Erika, Lynn
  2. Andrew, Beth, Taylor
  3. Alpkan, Elise, Marcos, Salem
  4. Emily, Jane, Marc